Goal: Create a movement of young leaders to serve as role models for future generations.

CITC is investing in a new generation of community soccer leaders through mentoring, international training and localized grant funding. So far, over 500 hundred young people are active in our growing network of youth-led community soccer programs here in New York City. CITC’s Youth Leadership Council provides high potential young people with the chance to work within the Mayor’s Office and the New York City FC front office to help tackle social challenges across the City. 

“I learned about so many different cultures, techniques on how to energize kids, and great coaching skills like how to get everyone involved and work together... It’s been inspiring to see that I’m being a leader for them and to know that I’m making a difference in their lives” - Emily Campos

This year’s YLT was located in the boogie down Bronx, Mott Haven to be exact at PS/IS 224! This four day training brought over 35+ young adults from different organizations from all over the 5 boroughs, a mixture of College and High School students. This training teaches, educates and influences them on how to be the best versions of themselves and how to use what they learned back to their communities. In its 4th year of existence this training has helped over 100+ young leaders just in New York City, plus the additional YL’s this year. The training really guides and helps the participants with team building, communication, and how to find their inner passion for the game to help others. These is the true fundamentals of creating a leader in their community using the power of soccer.

In the 4 days they were here they learned about Leadership, Community Coaching, Social Impact and Project Management from NYCFC staff member Kwame King ( Youth Leadership Coordinator ) , CITC coach from Manchester Sam Dainty ( 11+ Education Manager ) and two young leaders from the Youth Leadership Council Chelsea Quito and Yasmine Sanchez. A big thank you to Aspira ( an afterschool program ) and the school for allowing us to use their facilities and school safety agents. On the last day the young leaders put on a festival for kids from near and far. This is for them to take all that they learnt from the 3 days and put it to the test for the youth. This year’s festival was in People’s Park for 40+ kids. This training is a true testament to give young adults different pathways to grow in City in the Community and or just being a better coach in their own organizations.