All-Star: Vote for Jesus Medina

All Star Jesus Medina

Written by Roddy Russel of NYCFC Nation

Yo, fam! Let me ask you a trivia question. Who was the first ever signing in 2018 anywhere in the world?

Here's a hint: it's the New York City FC young DP you should vote for to play in the All-Star match! MAN LIKE JESUS MEDINA!

Now, I know what you're saying. "But, bruh, my man's just got here, son!" Let me stop you right there because that's exactly my point! Let's look at some of the numbers he's already put up, shall we? Two goals, five assists, 13 key passes, in 14 games, 11 starts. Don't tell me he's not accustomed to this league yet! Plus my man's got twinkle toes! Have you seen him gliding past defenders on the byline? Forget Jagger, my dude's got the moves like Jackson!

Yo! If you know what's right, you would vote Jesus Medina into the All-Star squad. Come through, fam! DO IT!!!


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