All-Star: Vote for Sean Johnson

All-Star Vote Sean Johnson

Written by Keira Smith & Tisha Gale of

Everyone, stop what you’re doing. We need to have a serious conversation about NYCFC’s last line of defense.

The six-foot-three-inches, 217-pound brick wall, whose impressive career trajectory should have everyone screaming, “That’s my Johnson!” Sean Johnson has proven that he should not be overlooked as one of the greatest goalies in this modern age of MLS.

His impressive track record for the 2018 season is reason enough for you to give Sean your undivided attention, his presence commands it. When all else fails, and the opponent plays a perfectly weighted through ball that splits our defense, Sean is the guy you want to have starring down the barrel of any striker’s attack.

With his piercing big eyes, and a body that seems to double in size in high-pressure situations, Sean’s lion-like demeanor will have the very best driving their shots wide.

The MLS season, like the weather, is just starting to heat up, but Sean already brags an impactful 5 shutouts, 8 wins and 50 saves. He’s clearly on track to best his successful 2017 career record.

Not only is he the last line of defense, but he is also the vanguard of our attacking strategy. Sean is a calculated player, whose spilt-second decisions have proven to be a vital part of NYCFC’s success. This year, let’s make sure his talents are not overlooked.

Let’s vote Sean Johnson for the MLS All-Star team, he deserves to return to his birthplace as one of the greats!


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