Andres Jasson

Andres Jasson | 10 Things To Know

Andres Jasson | 10 Things to Know

Andres Jasson today signed a professional contract with New York City FC, becoming the Club’s fifth Homegrown signing. Here are ten things to know about our newest signing…

  1. Andres hails from Greenwich, Connecticut and was raised by parents from Argentina (father) and Spain (mother). He has two brothers and speaks English, French and Spanish.
  2. As well as playing soccer, Andres played tennis, lacrosse and ran cross country growing up. He also loves watching basketball and skiing.
  3. Jasson describes the back-to-back U-19 national titles won with NYCFC’s Academy as the proudest moments in his youth career, “That was a really special moment for us. Kind of all the hard work that we put in throughout the years to pay off to win two national championships was really special.”
  4. Lionel Messi is Andres’s favorite player of all-time: “He is the best player in the world, and the way he plays the game is amazing. I try to model my game after him and watch what he does. Over the years I have learned a lot from watching him play. He is similar to me in size as well, so I feel I can learn a lot from him.”
  5. In terms of players from the NYCFC First Team, Maxi Moralez has been a huge influence on Andres. He said: “I think in preseason I got to know the team really well. Everyone was super kind. I talked a lot with Maxi about just like on the field, I think he can help me a lot and he's a player I've looked up to a lot because I feel like he has a similar playing style, similar body type to me.”
  6. Jasson was one of three NYCFC players called up to the U.S. squad for last year’s U-17 World Cup, along with Joe Scally and Tayvon Gray.
  7. Matt Pilkington, NYCFC’s Performance Phase Lead and U-19 Head Coach also went on that trip to rep the U.S. and is a person Andres credits for a lot of his development: “He coached me for pretty much all four years that I was here. And he really helped me mature, both on the field, but also off the field in terms of attitude, being on time, standards, all that kind of stuff, he really helped me, so I think I owe a lot to him.”
  8. Andres first trained with the NYCFC First Team at the age of 15 and he went on to feature prominently in Ronny Deila’s first preseason with the Club earlier in 2020.
  9. Following James Sands, Joe Scally, Justin Haak and Tayvon Gray, Andres becomes the fifth Homegrown signing in Club history.
  10. Andres will continue his education at Yale University over the next few years, combining soccer and classes. He said: “it was always a big dream to sign pro, to sign a homegrown here, but I also thought it was really important to have an education and think about what comes after soccer. So I made the decision to go to Yale for a semester, and be able to start my education there and look to continue that through the next three to four years.”

Andres Jasson | 10 Things To Know -
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