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Anton LAG Preview

New York City FC is headed to the West Coast this weekend in their second consecutive road game to take on LA Galaxy for the first and only time this Regular Season. 

The Boys in Blue secured back-to-back road wins vs. Montreal last time out and Anton Tinnerholm is eager for more at the StubHub on Saturday.

“The formation we’re using now, everyone is really comfortable with that. everyone knows exactly what to do, especially in the end of the games. If you look at the D.C. game away and the Montreal game away, we were really solid in the defense,” said Anton. 

The defender can be seen all over the pitch on game day, contributing to the attack and assisting in keeping the backline difficult to penetrate. For Anton, that’s what he likes, he likes doing everything he can to help his team get the results they need. 

“If you ask Dome, that’s how he wants us to play. For me it’s fun - when we attack I’m a winger, when we defend I’m a full-back. It’s a lot of running but you have to use what you’re good at and I like that,” said the Swede. “For me and the other wing-back, we’re having a little bit of a higher position, but then it works game to game so it depends a little bit on what the opponent is doing.” 

Although Anton has seen growth in his performance, he credits much of the team’s success to the defense as a whole. 

“Everyone knows exactly what to do, especially in the defense. We haven’t conceded that many goals, especially away so we know exactly what to do. We know we are exactly five in the back so if one guy steps forward we know there is four guys staying behind him,” Anton told reporters. “We’re not that afraid to push a little bit as one of the free central defenders, they can go and they know that we have a strong line behind so we can be a little bit more aggressive with how we defend.”

The upcoming matchup against LA Galaxy will be a trial for the young team, but City has proven to be difficult to beat with only one loss in ten games. This match is different for Anton as he will be facing one of his former Swedish teammates, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

"Of course he’s the best player Sweden ever had so of course it’s going to be fun to play against him. I’ve played against him a couple of times and I’ve played with him in the international team, so I know how good he is and he’s having a good shape for the moment,” said Anton. “I think this year he has proved a lot, last year he was really good as well, but with him in good shape, LA is a big contender to win the cup.” 

Now the two Swedes have found themselves on opposite sides of the pitch, friendship aside, the goal remains the same… three more points. Anton’s focus remains unwavered, he and the team are hungry to bring home yet another win and continue the ascent up the table. 

“Of course they are a good team and it’s going to be tough, but in the form we are right now… we’re going for another three points.” 

If you can’t make the trip out to LA, don’t worry, you can watch the East Coast vs. West Coast showdown on ESPN or listen on WNYE 91.5 FM and ESPN Deportes 1050 AM. Let’s get this W, #ForTheCity! 

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