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eMLS | Chris Holly Wins League Series One Championship

eMLS | Holly wins eMLS League Series One Championship

New York City Football Club’s Chris "DidyChrislito" Holly racked up more EA Sports FIFA 21 hardware this weekend after becoming champion of eMLS League Series One with a 4-2 victory on aggregate against New York Red Bulls’ Amadou in the final.

Holly cruised through Saturday’s quarterfinal with a 8-0 clean sheet against Philadelphia’s Cisseszn and came into Sunday and the last four eager to win his first domestic eMLS championship.

On Sunday, DidyChrislito’s first opponent was Austin’s xbLeU, who initially got the best of the New York City player. Holly’s second leg performance in the semifinals was a comeback for the ages. Down 4-2 on aggregate heading towards the middle of the 2nd match, he would score an incredible five unanswered goals and claimed his spot in the final.

Sunday’s Grand Final would turn out to be a New York Derby. Red Bulls' Amadou was the defending eMLS Cup champion and favorite to win the tournament. Didychrislito would prove to be up to the task, jumping out after saving a penalty and countering to score the first goal of the tie.

The pair would trade goals before Holly was the victor in the first tie, 2-1. As the second match of the tie resumed, Holly would score early to put some cushion between the two sides. Amadou would score again, but DidyChrislito was just too much for the occasion. Holly would go on to score one final time, becoming eMLS League Series One champion to the tune of 4-2 on aggregate.

New York City Football Club extends their congratulations to Chris on the victory, way to rep the Boys In Blue!

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