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eSports Update: New York City Football Club celebrates FIFAe Club World Cup qualification success

NYCFC's eSports players Chris Holly and Josh Banh.

New York City Football Club’s Chris “DidyChrislito” Holly and Josh “Squirrel” Banh enjoyed a big success this weekend with the news they have qualified for the FIFAe Club World Cup.

The club had previously failed to qualify since 2017, but they will now have a seat at the table when the finals are broadcast on February 25 and 28. Despite several other clubs’ efforts, NYCFC remain the only MLS team to qualify for the event The pair also took part in the second of five FIFA Global Series (FGS) qualifier events, with both players looking to build on their success from the first round.

That was no problem for Holly, who excelled once again and qualified for the broadcast stage with an unbeaten record that secured him a minimum Top 3 finish. That also helped Holly further consolidate his position in the FGS rankings, moving up to a minimum of second in North America and going clear in first place in the United States.

“I feel very proud - I came into this month knowing that it would be very hectic, but I performed very well, winning the eMLS League Series One, so I’m delighted with that,” Holly said.
“I’m also ecstatic to have qualified for the FIFAe Club World Cup with my teammate Josh [Squirrel] and secured minimum Top 3 in NA FGS Qualifier #2.”
Unfortunately, there was disappointment for Holly’s teammate as Banh fell in the early rounds. Despite that, he is still well-positioned in the North American Rankings, having finished 2nd in the season opener.
“There’s four weeks until the next North America FGS Qualifier, which I’m going to use to reset and refocus,” he said.
“I had a bad day, but I’m confident I’ll be back at the top soon. In the coming weeks, I plan to continue practicing against the best, as well as watching and learning from others.”

Both players have enjoyed a busy month, with Holly tasting success after winning the 2021 eMLS League Series One.

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