How to Follow NYCFC vs San Jose

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NYCFC are ready to take on San Jose Earthquakes this Saturday, April 1 at 2pm ET at Yankee stadium for our third home game of the season. 

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Here's how you can watch the match: 

At Yankee Stadium

The best way to watch the boys take on San Jose Earthquakes this weekend is live at Yankee Stadium! Purchase a single match ticket or click here to find out different packages and ways to save when attending a match at Yankee Stadium. 

YES Network 

If you can't make the game, NYCFC vs San Jose Earthquakes will be broadcast on YES Network and will be streamed live via the FOX Sports GO App.

The YES Network and Comcast also announced the return of YES to Xfinity so if you're an Xfinity customer, you'll be able to watch the April 1st match. If you previously had YES, you'll be able to see it on your line-up in its previous channel location. 

Radio Broadcast

For radio listeners, listen to the match on in English and WADO in Spanish. For more information, click here.


For our international fans tuning in, click here for a complete list of international broadcasts that will be showing the match.

Pub Partners 

Watch amongst other NYCFC fans at one of our official Pub Partner viewing locations! For a complete list of our pub partners, click here.

Twitter: @NYCFC/@NYCFCEspanol

Follow along on Twitter for live match updates on the game and clips of all the goals as they go in. We'll be announcing the starting XI and link out to articles and videos pertaining to the match. 

Facebook: /NewYorkCityFc

Follow along on Facebook for interviews, match footage and live reaction to the game. You'll also find live warmups, live goals and match highlights as they happen.

Snapchat: @NYCFC

Our Snapchat story kicks off before even a single player arrives at the stadium and runs through to after the end of the match. Make sure to catch the behind-the-scenes snaps from all the places you don't normally get to see. 

How to Follow NYCFC vs San Jose -

Instagram: @NYCFC

Our Instagram is the home of our best images from matchday. In addition, we run Instagram stories to show you what it's like on a busy matchday. 

Youtube: /NYCFCOfficial

Our YouTube channel is another place where you can catch all of the goals and match highlights from the game, as well as "Behind the Scenes" videos that show everything that happened on matchday from all angles. Also, leading up to the game, we'll have "Inside Training" videos that show you exactly what it's like for the players during preseason training. 

How to Follow NYCFC vs San Jose -
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