Humans of NYCFC: Fatima Elkettani

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You might recognize the Elkettani family from one of our latest episodes of “Why I’m NYCFC” on our YouTube channel.

Elkettani matriarch Fatima gave such a rousing address, we decided to share it again via our Humans of NYCFC series.

Introducing Fatima and the story of how the club brought her family together…

Humans of NYCFC: Fatima Elkettani -

We’re from Morocco originally and soccer has been in our family for years. I started out playing at the age of five with the kids in the neighborhood – I guess you would call me a tomboy - this is how my passion for the game started.

When we heard that finally we were going to have a club in our city, in New York City, we had no hesitation in becoming Founding Members. This is our club, in our city, in the Five Boroughs – you’re not going to beat that. We’ve been here from day one.

This club, from my heart, it brought my family together. We come to the home games, to the away games – it’s a lifestyle for us. Our section 128 has become so special to us – to the people who don’t have a season ticket, I encourage you to go and get one – this is the greatest family investment we’ve ever made. We love NYCFC – it’s in our heart and forever. We’re so thankful that this club came to our city.

Humans of NYCFC: Fatima Elkettani -
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