Moralez Reaction | Painting the Town Blue

Moralez Reaction Red Bulls

New York City FC painted the City blue last night with more than a little help from our friendly resident Spidey, Maxi Moralez.

Our 2019 MLS All-Star has been spinning his webs all season long, leading the league with 18 assists - and he’s not done yet. 

Moralez came up big for NYCFC on Saturday night after drawing penalty in the box on a foul by Michael Amir Murillo. He stepped up to the spot and put it away with authority. 

He put City on the board and in striking position but the Boys in Blue knew coming out in the second half they would have to go up a notch. 

“We knew we needed to come out with the same or even more intensity and aggressiveness in the second half,” Moralez told 

Coming into the Hudson River Derby, City knew they had a tough task at hand after how the teams’ first meeting went. 

“They [Red Bulls] constantly make it difficult for us to play our game,” he said. “They play a very different football than us. Their play is always with a long ball to an open space. They never stop the ball and look to build a play.

“Every time they get possession they look to space. It makes it difficult for us when we are trying to build a play, especially when I or Mitri would get possession we would be immediately smothered.

“They, of course, had their moments when they tried to cross the ball and generate a chance as such but you know, it's a derby so we have the play in the way the game is allowing us to, and in my opinion, our play was much superior to theirs.”

NYCFC put on a show in the Bronx, but it was the 12th man that put them over the top. 

“The fans always treat me, as well as the other guys, great. We know the effort and the hard work they put in to be here, so we’re very grateful,” he said. 

“Obviously, this game is very important for them and it is for us as well, so we’re happy to get the three points.”

Even with the three points in hand, the Boys in Blue have unfinished business. 

“We’re doing well. We know what we want and what we’re looking for. We have a couple games in hand and obviously winning the games we have left we can go to the top,” Moralez told reporters. 

“We’ll enjoy this moment, but we’ll get some rest to be ready when we come back against Vancouver.”

On to the next one we go #ForTheCity.

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