New York City FC & Capital Rx – More Than a Sleeve Partnership


What happens when a Major League Soccer club and health technology company come together? It may not be the most obvious of partnerships on the surface, but New York City FC and Capital Rx have far more in common than you may realize. The two New York City-based organizations have a shared commitment to give back to their hometown.

So, how did this partnership come to be? And what benefits do these companies get by partnering with each other?

The club sat down with Capital Rx Co-Founder & CEO AJ Loiacono, New York City FC Vice President of Partnerships Andres Gonzalez, and KLUTCH Sports Group Head of Global Partnerships and Consulting Andrew Feinberg to learn more!

Q: What makes New York City FC’s partnership with Capital Rx unique?

Andres Gonzalez: Our partnership with Capital Rx is more than a traditional sponsorship. It is founded on a shared vision to use our combined platforms and reach to empower healthier lives throughout New York City.

Beyond featuring on our First Team’s shirt sleeve, Capital Rx is playing a pivotal role in the next phase of the New York City Soccer Initiative. Having successfully built 50 mini-soccer pitches across the five boroughs, we are now set to create an additional 26 mini-pitches over the next three years. These spaces make soccer more accessible, keeping our young New Yorkers safe, active, and connected with the community. This incredible initiative is significantly enhanced by Capital Rx’s support, enabling us to bring the joy and benefits of our sport to even more neighborhoods across the City.

Q: How did the partnership first come together?

Andrew Feinberg: KLUTCH Sports Group had a great relationship with both Capital Rx and New York City FC. After learning about Capital Rx's objectives and priorities, New York City FC quickly emerged as an ideal potential partner for them. From there, KLUTCH was able to facilitate an introduction to the team, and New York City FC were able to demonstrate in detail the full impact the partnership could have both for Capital Rx's business and throughout New York City. Everyone involved felt a natural alignment right away and we're thrilled to see it come to life.

Q: What excites you most about the sleeve partnership with New York City FC?

AJ Loiacono: Our partnership with New York City FC goes beyond having the Capital Rx logo on their sleeve and around the stadium. For me, it's about highlighting the work we do for our clients and the level of care we provide members.

Our goal is to build the electronic infrastructure this country needs to provide the level of personalized, compassionate, timely, and affordable care that we deserve. At the same time, we've been providing employers, unions, municipalities, health systems, and other clients with a full-service pharmacy benefit that helps them rein in costs without sacrificing service levels.

Partnering with New York City FC allows us to expand awareness of our brand so we can bring affordable pharmacy benefits to more organizations and their members and be associated with programs like the New York City Soccer Initiative to build 26 more pitches ahead of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. If you look at where the first 50 pitches were installed, they are at schools and playgrounds across the five boroughs, and I am so excited about contributing to that and other City in the Community initiatives through this partnership.

Q: What made this partnership the right fit for all parties?

Andrew Feinberg: This partnership brought together two true New York City brands that are passionate about investing in and improving the communities they serve. In New York City FC, Capital Rx has a partner that will elevate their brand both locally and nationally, and in Capital Rx, New York City FC has a partner that is deeply committed to their combined roots in New York and giving back to the community. These community elements will continue to be rolled out throughout the course of the partnership.

Q: Why is it important for New York City FC to partner with organizations like Capital Rx that share a commitment to serving their local community?

Andres Gonzalez: Our club was built to represent New York City, both on and off the pitch. To do that effectively, we must use our platform to serve every level of the sport across the City.

We are committed to working with partners who also believe in serving the community, and Capital Rx absolutely fits into that category. Collaborating with Capital Rx on these types of initiatives, enables us to amplify our efforts and create a meaningful, lasting impact.

Q: For Capital Rx, what are your biggest hopes and aspirations for this partnership?

AJ Loiacono: My biggest aspiration for this partnership is that we can make a difference in people's lives. Not just because an employer in the area sees our brand and realizes that we can help them with their pharmacy benefit program, but because people see our logo and recognize that we are a force for good and are willing to put time and effort into local initiatives that help educate, promote healthy living, and bring joy to our communities on and off the pitch.

I look forward to the day when we hear about a pharmacist who was influenced by one of our programs at a young age or a professional soccer player who grew up playing on one of the new pitches that will be installed over the course of this partnership. That would be truly amazing, and that’s part of the reason why cleaning the New York City Soccer Initiative mini-pitch at Flushing Meadows Corona Park with New York City FC was so rewarding.

Click here to learn more about Capital Rx’s partnership with the New York City FC and follow them on LinkedIn to stay up to date with their upcoming joint efforts to serve the NYC community.

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