New York City FC documentary Premieres on Thursday at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca FIlm Festival

"Win!” a documentary about New York City FC will premeiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday.
The documentary follows the Club in its inaugural season and offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a MLS team from the ground up in New York City.
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Filmmaker Justin Webster, talked about some of the challenges of filming the documentary.

"This kind of film means an awful lot of filming for what ends up being a two-hour film. It’s hundreds of hours of filming. One of the challenges is to work out when to film, because we couldn’t film all the time, over 18 months. But it was very important to be there intensively at the most important times.”

WIN! NYCFC Documentary from jwp on Vimeo.

When Webster was asked who was the most surprising character, the filmmaker singled out the NYCFC Captain.

"I’d say David Villa. In this kind of film, the surprises are kind of cumulative, when you can see the whole picture. I don’t think he really grew into the character he is in the whole film almost until right at the end.

I think it was surprising because of his connection with the fans. I know he has lots of money and he is very famous and all that, but at the end, he is someone who generally believes in playing football for the fans. I think that’s what gives him real satisfaction."

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