New York City FC Introduces Hair Madness

Hair Madness v2

While many Americans fill out brackets to determine which college basketball team will win the big dance this spring, is introducing their own bracket. This bracket is to determine once and for all who has the best hair on the team. Fans can vote now and determine who moves on to the second round.

New York City FC Introduces Hair Madness -

The bracket is broken up into four regions: strikers, defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders and goalkeepers. 
The seedings and match-ups were determined by

Starting in the defensive midfielders region:
At the number one seed from Flero, Italy is the Maestro himself, Andrea Pirlo. Pirlo’s hair is legendary, free-flowing mediterranean locks that have made numerous defenders stop in their tracks and become hypnotized by its almighty power. Pirlo in general is a heavyweight in the hair game and is no doubt the clear overall favorite. 

He will face the eight seed, Mikey Lopez. Lopez is an up-start from Dallas, Texas who has a signature blonde streak that makes him stand apart from the competition. The midfielder can also put his hair into a mohawk when he needs to. Lopez will need to show this kind of versatility when going up against a hair icon like Pirlo.

Moving to the striker region:
The number two seed, Khiry Shelton is a force to be reckoned with. Shelton provides an interesting look which takes his hair game vertical. The 22-year-old from Fort Carson, Colorado styles his hair up with blonde highlights on top. The extra hair provides him with the ability to get headers and look fly while doing it. He will need all the hair he can get because he has a big match up.

Taking on Shelton, is the seven seed is El Guaje, David Villa. Villa can style his hair any which way and it always looks good. Villa’s hair always looks perfect whether it’s the first minute or the 90th minute and the Captain will not go down without a fight.

On to the goalkeepers region:
Up first, slotted in the three seed is Eirik Johansen, the only blonde in the bracket. The 6’7” goalkeeper has long flowing golden locks that dance in the wind. The 23-year-old from Tønsberg, Norway is a dark horse in this bracket, but could find himself into the finals if he gets past a tough first round match up against a fan favorite.

Johansen will take on six-seed Josh Saunders. Saunders is new to hair madness after rocking a buzzcut for the 2015 season. Saunders grew out his hair in the off-season and, no surprise, the fans are digging it. When recently asked who he thinks has the best hair on the team, the goalkeeper from Grants Pass, Oregon quickly responded “I do.” That kind of new-found hair confidence has moved Saunders off the hair bubble and into a spot where he could be the cinderella of this bracket. 

Finally into the attacking midfielders region:
First up is the four-seed, from Oslo, Norway, Mix Diskerud. Mix’s long flowing locks have been featured on-air and the topic of many conversations by hair aficionado’s, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies of “Men in Blazers.” Mix’s hair would make anyone jealous. The 25-year-old’s hair always seems to be perfectly placed. Some say it looks less like hair and more like a mane of a lion. The midfielder will find himself in a tough match up in against another player with long-flowing locks.

Mix will take on the five-seed and Tommy “Mac the Knife” McNamara. The pride of West Nyack, New York, has glorious hair that has a mind of its own and has been the talk of Major League Soccer since 2014. When asked how he takes care of his hair, the midfielder said “You just got to take care of it, like everything else.” When we followed up and asked what shampoo he used, McNamara responded: “I don’t know, when I get back home, I will bring it in tomorrow and show you.” Obviously McNamara is keeping his hair care confidential and will not reveal his hair secrets.

Fans can vote below, first round vote has begun and will last until Saturday March 19 at Noon ET. Second Round voting will be from 3/23-3/26. Final round voting will be from 3/30-4/2. Check back with for the results.


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