Nick Cushing | "I'm Excited For 2024." 


Nick Cushing has set clear goals for his team as they embark on what promises to be an exciting 2024 season.

The Boys in Blue continued preseason in Florida as they prepare for a series of games across the next few weeks.

Speaking from the Club’s base in Tampa Bay, Cushing was keen to see his side focus on daily improvement as they chase the ultimate goal of becoming an exciting team in 2024.

“We trained this morning and it was an incredible session,” Cushing said.

“The guys are working really hard and we take it day by day on preseason. That's all you can do is take it day by day, plan and review, and go and train in between that.

“The goals for the team are to improve every day. They were the same last year and they will continue to be that. We want to be an exciting team. We want to play football that excites people and that is real fun to play.

“Ultimately, when I stand on the side and watch the training, that's what I see. Guys are enjoying themselves and guys are enjoying being back together and training together and really making sure that we continue to hone and polish the team.”

The Head Coach also reflected on the previous 12 months, and confirmed the Club were able to perform a substantial review during the off season that left him excited to kick off the new campaign.

“I think it [the off season] was a crucial period for us but a really exciting period,” Cushing explained.

“We got together with all the key people around our team - whether it be the key people in the front office, David Lee and his team, along with my staff and the performance staff - and we did a deep dive into the season and an in-depth review.

“I get that the initial mindset goes to why we didn't [make the playoffs] but we also were looking at all the good stuff as well and looking at what we want to retain from last year and how we improve the team.”

He went onto add: “Then of course we look at the areas of the team that we know we have to be better in. I think the one thing I’m really pleased with across the whole team is that we really closed that chapter on last year and put a full stop at the end of it.”

Elsewhere, Cushing took time out to speak about the Club’s latest signing; midfielder Hannes Wolf.

The Austrian youth international arrived in the Five Boroughs from German outfit Borussia Mönchengladbach and brings a wealth of top-level experience with him.

“He’s a guy that, for me is a really exciting player,” Cushing said.

“I think he can play inside as a ten, he can play off the off the right inside because he's a left footer coming inside, and he could play in the pocket on the left. It gives us a lot of offensive flexibility. I think the one thing I really love about Hannes is his aggression without the ball.

“He is a guy that wants to press forward. He wants to go and get the ball back. He wants to be really aggressive without the ball.

“Then when we get him in between the lines he will be really dynamic. I think for me he gives us that flexibility. I think we're building a roster that has a real blend and a balance and I think Hannes will really add to that.

“We're just so excited to get him in and you know, we just want to get him here and get him on the training field.”

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