Nick Cushing | "The Fans Were Incredible." 

Cushing Piece

Nick Cushing has hailed the incredible atmosphere created by NYCFC fans during the Hudson River Derby. 

The 26th installment of the rivalry between NYCFC and Red Bulls finished in a goalless draw, with neither side able to break the deadlock. Reflecting on the contest in which his side came close to finding the net, Cushing hailed the atmosphere generated by the home crowd.

"I've said before we almost have the Yankee Stadium effect," Cushing said.

"We're bruised at the moment, we're in a difficult moment, and if we were being taken apart by teams and we looked like we weren't trying I would be disappointed but ultimately we fought today and I felt like we had the Yankee Stadium moment.

"I thought the crowd today were incredible. There was a real good feel [to the atmosphere], really supporting the team, really driving the team on. The team has been through a lot of bumps this year, a lot of transitions, and a lot of changes.

"I thought we were going to have that moment today. I really felt like at the end we're gonna get a goal in the 89th or 90th minute. We had the chance with Thiago Martins and I thought it was that moment."

The Boys in Blue showed heart and fight throughout the contest but were unable to find the decisive goal. Cushing was keen to secure all three points as the team chase down a playoff spot.

Reflecting on the team's inability to find that goal, Cushing explained why he made specific tactical choices, and that the team was close to breaking the deadlock.

"I think the same way as you and I feel the stadium," Cushing said.

"From 60-65 minutes. I'm thinking exactly the same How do I change it? How do I get something? But then Mounsef gets a chance, and I think it's going to fall for him He's the number nine, it's going to fall for him.

"You live and die by your decisions and today I chose to go with Julián Fernández, which I thought gave us a real impact. We were forced into the Alfredo Morales change and I don't know if you saw but I got Alonso Martinez up and I was going to do it, but then went with Talles Magno.

"I just thought we were in the game and there was a moment there for the guys that were in."

Cushing also explained why Alonso Martinez has not seen more first-team minutes since arriving on loan from Lommel.

"His last football game was in May because he played in the European season," Cushing said.

"So he finished up with our sister club in Belgium in May and went back to Costa Rica for four weeks. He arrived here, four or five weeks ago with no preseason, no games, nothing and we're in the middle of our season with six games to go.

"To throw a guy in and say you go play. It's impossible. He has to go through the process of getting himself fit. It's actually quite dangerous for us to throw him in without preseason. So he understands this. That's why you haven't seen him in the squads. He's training Well, we're trying to accelerate that process to get him in.

"He probably 10-15 minutes and we decided to go with Talles. He is a great guy, he just has to go through that process because he's coming off a European season and into a U.S. season."

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