Preseason | Meet The Academy Players On Tour

Academy Kids

New York City FC traveled down to Orlando, Florida this week to begin Preseason 2022. Joining the First Team squad will be five NYCFC Academy players. We caught up with Performance Phase Lead Coach Matt Pilkington to learn more about those making the trip south.

Alexander Yagudayev

NAME: Alexander Yagudayev

DOB: August 13, 2006

POSITION: Goalkeeper

“Alex is one of our youngest goalkeepers in the academy and it’s still very early in his development, but we’re pleased with the potential he is showing. He has good feet and is a reliable shot stopper. He’s a vocal presence at the back and we think this will be a great experience for him to work with the other goalkeepers during preseason.”

Klevis Haxhari

NAME: Klevis Haxhari

DOB: May 1, 2005

POSITION: Defender

“Klevis is a very good defender who is physically strong and brave when called upon. He reads the game very well and anticipates danger. He enjoys the art of defending and adds presence to the back line.”

Maximo Carrizo

NAME: Maximo Carrizo

DOB: February 28, 2008

POSITION: Midfielder

“He’s a very promising creative midfielder that can carry the ball and create opportunities in the final third as well as score goals. While it is still very early in his development we wanted to expose him to this experience to aid in his growth as a young player.”

Jonathan Shore

NAME: Jonathan Shore

DOB: April 13, 2007

POSITION: Midfielder

“Jonathan is an exciting prospect that has been with the academy for a long time and shown a consistency in his performances. He has a range of qualities that allow him to be a versatile option for the team and he blends that with being a very smart young player.”

Mateo Ponce-Ocampo

NAME: Mateo Ponce-Ocampo

DOB: March 13, 2005

“He has been one of the most consistent performers in the academy and that has earned him the right to return to preseason in 2022. He has continued to develop, improve, and worked hard during the last 12 months and that has allowed him to grow significantly as a player.”

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