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Five Points Gary

Soundbites from the winning locker room as NYCFC clinched a Playoff spot thanks to a 3-1 win over the Vancouver Whitecaps...

Dome Torrent

On the game:

“It was very important for us. When I say we have to focus in the next game, that is true. For me the most important thing is the next game and right now that's New England. The most important thing is to get three points again and maybe we have some problems in the second half because we didn't defend compact but we were able to score three goals and we could score more goals. It's very important because it's the fourth game in a row we won and when that happens in the last seven games it's very important because we will try to finish in the first position, if not in the second because I know how important it is, especially this year, for the playoffs because it's important to play at home because it's a knockout game. They [the players] deserved that because they fight everything day and I'm happy for them, for the club, for the supporters. It is special for us in this moment because the feeling is much better but we have to improve. I'm happy but we have to improve.”

On response to goal:

“I'm happy but my job is to convince them how important the next game is. And the next game was Vancouver and you make a big mistake if you are thinking about the table. For me, it's easy to prepare for one game against Red Bull or Atlanta or against these kinds of teams. You have to be focused in Vancouver, in Cincinnati, these kind of games is like a trap. If you are not ready to fight every single war, you are in trouble 100 percent. But this is my job, I am happy because they respond when we had some problems, I'm happy because look at the difference in the last 10 minutes for example, we take the ball and pass the ball. That didn't happen for example against Colorado. I remember we had many problems and that means we play much better and this team is getting better.” 

On Heber’s injury:

“He has discomfort in the quadriceps. I don't know, we have to check it out in New York. We have time, maybe tomorrow the doctor calls me and I don't know what will happen. But when that happens in the 12th minute, I don't know. But maybe we will miss this player for one month, I don't know.”

Gary Mackay-Steven

On scoring on his birthday:

“No, I think it's first [time he's score on his birthday] so it's nice to get off the mark, extra special it's my birthday but the main thing is getting the three points and I thought the boys done really well today so it's a good victory again.”

On getting subbed in early:

“Yeah, it was unfortunate. Heber scored a great goal and he's been on fire recently, so hopefully it's nothing serious for him and he's back for the next game because he's been a big player for us lately. But yeah, you don't have much time to think about it, you just have to get stripped and go on. But you're always ready when you're on the bench and I was happy to get on and play my part today and still feel there is a lot more to come and still feel a little bit rusty in a lot of ways, but definitely the goal helps and I can kick on.” 

On reaching full potential:

“I've not been happy with myself to be honest and I keep working hard on the training ground and today it was nice to get off the mark and hopefully it can kick start and I can show my true level.” 

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