Spotlight: David Villa On His Day

Spotlight David Villa

The spotlight can’t burn any brighter than on your own day as proclaimed by the biggest city in the world.

May 19, 2018 was a wet one – but the driving rain couldn’t put out the fire of the Boys in Blue on the special day honoring their captain, David Villa.

The pre-match festivities would be just the start of a big day from DV7.

After receiving special gifts from the City of New York, the Club, and the Third Rail, the 36-year old known as “El Guaje” marked the occasion beautifully, scoring book-end goals, one on either end of the pitch, all on the way to another big home win in the Bronx.

It wasn’t just the goals though…

As NYC continued to pile on Tim Howard’s net in the second-half, David was equally as interested in setting up teammates as he was in completing a story book hat-trick, electing to spray the ball around, and open pocket after pocket for what looked like a bunch of kids just having fun playing in the rain.

That makes 7 goals for #7 on the year – and a perfect 5-0-0 record for the squad at Yankee Stadium.

Onwards to Houston!

Spotlight: David Villa On His Day -
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