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Spotlight: Jesus Medina Keeps Scoring

Spotlight: Medina vs Vancouver

After the ball nearly rolled over the touchline and out of play, Anton Tinnerholm coyly stepped over the ball to draw in two Vancouver defenders. Jesus Medina quietly walked into the space left absent by the man who was meant to be marking him, and asked for Tinnerholm to slot the ball to his feet. The Paraguayan applied composure and shuffled the ball to his right foot, then struck it cleanly through the goalies legs to score his fourth goal in five matches for NYCFC.

Saturday’s Man of The Match is only now realizing the goal-scoring potential of his game, and with a busy stretch of matches coming in August, it’s a must that the 21-year-old maintain his form.

City manager Dome Torrent has been utilizing Medina in the midfield rather than his traditional place on the wing to make way for even more pace on the outside. Sitting alongside Maxi Moralez and driving the Blues forward has turned into something of a success for Medina.

“I feel good. For a while when I was younger I played in that position and I like it. I feel comfortable as much as I do playing in the wing. I think I did a good job.”

With a trip to Toronto on the horizon, expect Medina to continue his stellar play in the NYCFC midfield with more goals and wins to come...

Spotlight: Jesus Medina Keeps Scoring -
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