The Away End | Charlotte FC with Caleb Adams 


New York City Football Club travel to North Carolina to take on Charlotte FC. 

For this edition of 'The Away End' presented by Berkeley College & Rennert International, we spoke to Caleb Adams, writer and analyst for Charlotte FC and co-host of Crown Talk Podcast.

Hi Caleb, thanks so much for speaking with us, how long have you been covering soccer?

I’ve been covering the sport since August 2020. Originally through my own blog at the time, Regal Soccer, which eventually landed me a job with Charlotte FC. 

What’s been your highlight in that time?

The main highlight during this time has got to be record-breaking inaugural home match for the club. As a North Carolina native who had been waiting for MLS to come to my state for well over 10 years, it was surreal to see it become a reality and to be a working part of it.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte’s start to the campaign? 

It’s been a rough start, no shying away from that. We’ve progressed in certain areas like getting results on the road but we’ve been our own worst enemy this season. The good news is that it’s stuff within our control and the team can improve upon, starting against NYCFC.

What are your hopes for the season?

The goal set by the team from the start was and continues to be making playoffs.

What do you think will be the deciding factor in Saturday’s game?

I think the deciding factor will be which team capitalizes on transitions better. Both Charlotte and NYCFC have been most vulnerable on defense when caught in transition. So taking advantage of those moments will be key for both sides.

For any fans that may be in town for the game, is there anywhere you’d suggest they check out?

There a lot of great spots throughout Charlotte that will satisfy and sort of craving away fans may have. A personal favorite of mine is Kid Cashew. They have some of the most savory food I’ve ever had and for an incredibly reasonable price. If they charged more, I’d gladly still pay for it.

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