Trending: Banter, Own Goals, and Ronaldinho

There is absolutely never a shortage of shenanigans in the world of soccer, a world that spans the whole, well... the world. 

Stunning Build-up

We're going to start the shenanigans with a match over in Eastern Europe, where some of the most amazing things that soccer has to offer can be found. 

This, from an Estonian league cup match, is one of the best own-goals ever scored. 

Fifteen seconds into the match! Without even touching the ball, Levadia are set up for a victory. It's extremely hard to start a match better than that (or worse, if you're the other team).


Our sources are indicating that this is a good way to announce a signing. 

With the FIFA 17 angle already taken, it only makes sense that Watford turned to Football Manager to continue this summer of wacky transfer unveilings. 

Banter, Banter, Banter!

While we're on the subject of club-made videos, check out these bantz from the Portland Timbers. It happens to feature our next opponents, the LA Galaxy.

That is very elaborate and very Portland.

If you're wondering what the context is, you'll just have to watch this:

Top bantz.

"We're Talkin' About Practice!"

Ronaldinho, legend that he is on the field, has served up his fair share of banter over the years. This, though, is up toward the top of the list. 

Don't look now, everyone, but it seems as though Ronaldinho has just invented Sunday league...

Hatty Hero

David Villa has been named Major League Soccer's Player of the Week again. Yep, scoring a hattrick in the Hudson River Derby will do that. 

He scores when he wants, and he always wants to score. Check out every single one of David Villa's touches from the Derby by clicking right here.

An Amazing Moment

Finally, there is no better feel-good moment than this. Alan Ruschel, a survivor of Chapecoense's plane crash, made his return to the pitch for the first time since the incident when his club played against Barcelona in a friendly. After the match, he got something special from Leo Messi.

Trending: Banter, Own Goals, and Ronaldinho -
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