Trending: From Dogs to Drizzy

Who’s up for another edition of Trending? The Internet has been full of content as the MLS season is starting to warm up, and the European leagues are winding down. This week brings some really light-hearted content for you to check out. So, let’s get to it!

Runs In The Family

Sydney Leroux Dwyer and her husband Dom Dwyer are creating the next generation of MLS superstars. In this case, young Cassius just might be ready to enter a youth squad. Great form, kid.

Good Boy

Amy Barbour’s Dad might have found a gem in the yard. Check out the close control on this dog.

Day Ones

Young Marco Antonio has been posting content on Instagram for a while now, and the Brazilian youngster recently gave us a throwback Thursday gem. In this video, Marco and his father are playing a game of keepie-uppie in crazy fashion. It’s all in the touch.

You Used To Call Me

Listen. Drake is a superstar, and if Drake wanted to come through to Yankee to take a photo with our guys, we won’t turn down the opportunity. That’s all we have to say about that.

Let Him Talk

Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t speak much. But in this interview with The Players Tribune, De Bruyne spells out exactly who he is for the world to see.

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