Trending: World Cup Week Two

It’s back and the World Cup sure hasn’t slowed down. If anything the madness has ratcheted up a notch. So let’s take a tour around the internet.

Raheem The Dream

Let it be known, the Players Tribune is absolutely killing it this World Cup. Just check out this exclusive Twitter handle – and more importantly, the beautiful story of one man trying to bring home the unthinkable this Summer…

Aussie Rondo

Can you say “rondo” in an Australian accent? Before making (probably) his final World Cup appearance, Tim Cahill got this bit of a skill off in training…

Achilles Meal

In psychic animal news from the 2018 World Cup, there’s a cat named Achilles who apparently knows how it’s all going to play out – and he’s tipped Nigeria to beat Argentina today and send Leo Messi and friends home. No word on how accurate he’s been thus far, but you can’t fault anyone for going with their gut. 

Trending: World Cup Week Two -

Peru Cariigoaaaaaal

Peru with a goal in the World Cup for the first time since 1982. And what a goal it was…

Who says these games don’t matter?

Bringing the World Cup to the Blind

The joy of the World Cup should be experienced by everyone…

WhatsApp, Dude?

And finally, a live look in the 2018 World Cup WhatsApp group…

Trending: World Cup Week Two -
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