Why I'm NYC | Tara M.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M.

NYCFC introduces a new series where the Fan and the City are the focus. We traveled to The Bronx to meet a few fans who have been down with The Boys In Blue from the very start, and some who are just now getting on board.

In this edition, we meet Tara, described as a "Regular-Degular-Shmegular Puerto Rican Girl From The Bronx," and talks about how Maxi Moralez would be the perfect roommate, and whether or not she would be down for an NYCFC tattoo. 

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -

Q: What do you do for a living?

T: I am a sales associate for a HVAC company.

Q: Tell us something about you that sums you up as a person?

T: I am just a regular degular shmegular Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the Bronx

T: My favorite thing about the Bronx is that it is one of the last places in NYC to still feel authentic.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -

Q: Give us five words which sum up New York City to you?

T: I do what I want.

Q: Why is New York City the best city in the world?

T: New York City is the best city in the world because of its diversity, landmarks, and balance of work and play.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -

Q: Why did you choose NYCFC? 

T: NYCFC chose me.  I never really watched Soccer until NYCFC.  I was born and raised in the Bronx, and I support our teams, the minute I heard we had a team I made sure to check out a game.  Once I felt the energy in Yankee Stadium, I was in love. 

Q: Although there have only been six seasons, name your all-time favorite NYCFC XI.

T: I think my favorite year was year 4, the supporters really came together to show love to our captain.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -

Q: What was the moment that made you fall in love with the team?

T: The moment I fell in love with the team was the first time I sat in section 235, there is no way to describe the electricity you feel from the supporters, whether you are just visiting or have been there since day one. The supporter's section makes sure everyone participates and supports our boys. 

If you need a roommate for your apartment in the next 24 hours, which NYCFC player would you choose and why?

T: I would choose Maxi because he doesn't take up much space.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -

Q: What would have to happen in order for you to get an NYCFC tattoo?

T: We would have to win a championship, I have been saying it since year one.

Q: What would have to happen in order for you to name your child after an NYCFC player?

T: HAHA. A nice big check would have to be cleared.

Q: Do you have a rivalry within your family that involves NYCFC? How intense is it?

T: No, but our friend's group does with ONE friend. We hope he gets well one day.

Q: What are you most looking forward to from NYCFC in 2020?

T: Lots of traveling.

Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -
Why I'm NYC | Tara M. -
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