Team Tryouts - North & South Regions

2024/2025 Season

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Our primary objective is to foster the continued development of female soccer players by providing them with avenues for growth through teams and comprehensive developmental programs spanning across the region. Our commitment extends to providing these players the chance to receive training and compete at the highest levels within the sport.

Presently, we have field 11 female teams that proudly represent NYCFC, and we are in the process of expanding our offerings to include additional age groups in the near future. To enhance the experience for players and their families, our teams are strategically created on a regional basis. This approach not only minimizes travel time but also ensures that every talented female player has the opportunity to showcase their skills and proudly represent NYCFC.

In conjunction with our teams, the NYCFC Girls Programs, which include Camps, Clinics, and Talent Centers, serve as invaluable platforms for our coaches to identify emerging talent. These programs contribute significantly to the talent pool from which our teams are selected.

For more information on our programs & to be evaluated for the NYCFC Girls Teams, contact Raul Santos at


  • Three practices per week
  • Year-round training
  • Three tournaments per year 
  • Designated Coach for each team
  • Training session at First Team complex
  • Team outings at First Team games
Click below to see the upcoming events in your region:
Click below to see the upcoming events in your region:
All players enjoying CFA at our Annual Signing Day

All players enjoying CFA at our Annual Signing Day

Our 2022-2023 Player of the Year Award Winners

Our 2022-2023 Player of the Year Award Winners

Sury Shooting
NYCFC Girls Development Teams -

“It was particularly important that we found the right club for our daughter to play soccer with. We wanted her love for soccer to continue to grow and needed to make sure that whatever club we chose was the right match was right for her. While there are other clubs out there, none made my daughter feel more at home to play with. She started playing with NYCFC in clinics when she was 7 years old, attended their camps, and guest played at a tournament, and now, plays for their girls' team. During the process of looking for a club for her to play with- she asked us to stop looking because NYCFC was the place she wanted to be. I can say with certainty that we made the right decision for her. My daughter has learned a great amount of soccer skills but also learned about sportsmanship, teamwork, and other skills that can be transferred off the pitch. The entire organization-coaches to administration are dedicated on helping the youth become the best players and people they can be. They have provided us with a beautiful facility we call home and work endlessly to ensure our girls have the best opportunities to become better athletes and teammates. The positive and excellent coaching that our girls have received has been invaluable! Thank you NYCFC!” Tara P – South Region

“Joining NYCFC was a game-changer for my child. The dedicated coaches and well-structured program have transformed not only her skills on the field but also instilled a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our family couldn't be happier with the positive impact this club has had on our child's soccer journey” Sam V - North Region