Mass Transit is the best way to get to Yankee Stadium. NYCFC encourages all fans to come to the game by public transportation where possible.

Yankee Stadium: One East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451


Directions to Yankee Stadium by Subway

The 4 (East Side) and the D train (Sixth Avenue) make stops at the 161st Street/Yankee Stadium subway stations, located on East 161st Street and River Avenue. B train (Sixth Avenue) service is also available, but only on weekdays.

For more information, call the MTA at 511 or visit

Safety Tips:

The NYPD Transit Bureau Crime Prevention Unit would like all fans to follow these basic safety tips while utilizing the subway system:

  • Please put away all electronic devices such as iPods and cell phones before entering the subway station.
  • If you must use these devices, please do not sit or stand next to the train doors with these items in your hands.
  • Be aware of pickpockets in crowded places, especially on crowded trains and platforms.
  • Please keep wallets in your front pocket, not your back pocket.
  • Keep purses and handbags in front of you at all times, not slung over your shoulder. Keeping your property in front of you will help prevent someone from opening your bags without your knowledge.
  • Please do not sleep on train or platform benches - you will become an easy target for a pickpocket. If you are tired, stand up or walk to another part of the train when it stops at the station - do not walk through the train car doors unless directed to do so by a police officer or an MTA employee.
  • Please remain alert and be aware of your surrounding at all times, especially when using the Metro Card Vending Machines. Use the mirror on the machine to view the area behind you. If you feel uncomfortable at all, walk away from the machine.
  • Please if you see something - say something, safety is everyone's responsibility.

Directions to Yankee Stadium by Train

Metro-North offers train service to the Stadium from anywhere in its service territory.

For more information, call the MTA at 511 or visit ​

Directions to Yankee Stadium by Bus

Several New York City Transit bus lines provide service to the Stadium. The Bx6 and Bx13 buses stop at East 161st Street and River Avenue; the Bx1 and Bx2 buses stop at East 161st Street and the Grand Concourse, a short walk from Yankee Stadium; and the BxM4 stops at the Grand Concourse and East 161st Street (northbound) and East 158th Street (southbound).

For more information, call the MTA at 511 or visit