City Members Hit La La Land with NYCFC

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One group of City Members got the chance to experience an away trip like no other when NYCFC headed to Los Angeles to take on the Galaxy. 

They hopped on a plane, braved the six-hour journey from New York City, and when they landed, they walked out into an experience they'd never forget. 

Offered the chance to hang out with players at a training session, the jet-setting City Members took full advantage. They enjoyed incredible access to the team, chatting and snapping pics with the likes of Patrick Vieira, David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Jack Harrison, and the rest of the gang.

City Member Jordan Griffith had a lot of fun, saying, "Thursday's practice was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We had great access to the practice and players and got a one of a kind experience that I won't soon forget."

Later on, City Members got to know each other a little better at dinner. One group visited a local Mexican restaurant, broke bread together, and made new friends. What's better than that?

"Those 'get to know fellow Cityzens' dinners were a good call. I ended up with like 6 new friends," said City Member Mili Alma.

City Members Hit La La Land with NYCFC -

The next day, as one does in LA, they hit the beach. 

A whole day of food, new friends, and fun was on the cards as City Members traded the muggy New York City summer for the—frankly—unbeatable climate of the So Cal coast. Inevitably, as others shared food and drinks, and got to know their fellow City Members, a game of soccer broke out. 

City Members Hit La La Land with NYCFC -

After a day of fun in the sun, Jordan had this to say: "Friday was a great time at the beach. I didn't get to stay for the entirety of the event but I really enjoyed the two hours I was there. Emily had a great setup of food and drinks. The towels and hats we received in the package were perfect for the occasion."

On Saturday, those who made the trip had the chance to attend our match against the LA Galaxy in style, getting field access and another opportunity for unparalleled access to NYCFC on matchday.

First up, a members-only tailgate before the game to get the juices flowing. Then, it was time to hit the stadium where, in addition to fieldside chillin', City Members were treated to food, drinks, some awesome cookies. 

"Saturday was an awesome game day," said Griffith.

"The food and drinks that were provided were received well and the NYCFC cookies were a hit. We got into the stadium easily and onto the field just in time to see the players take it."

City Members Hit La La Land with NYCFC -

Of course, what they were treated to during the 90 minutes of action they experienced from the sidelines was truly special. Two golazos from Villa and Jonathan Lewis gave NYCFC a 2-0 win over the Galaxy and put a bow on a killer weekend. 

All said and done, would Jordan do it again?

"The overall experience was fantastic and one I definitely recommend to any fan," he said. 

"I personally will be doing more team-run trips because of this experience and hope the organization offers more things like this, both on the road and back here at home."

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City Members Hit La La Land with NYCFC -
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