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We continue our weekly Humans of NYCFC series with international off-road racer, former Wall St worker and documentarian, Amy Lerner…

Humans of NYCFC: Amy Lerner -

Around seven years ago, I read a newspaper article on an event in Morocco called Rallye Aicha des Gazelles which is nine days navigating your way across the southern region of Morocco, the hills of the Sahara, using just maps and compasses. It’s 90% off-road and it sounded like fun and like nothing I’d ever done before. I went, I loved it and ever since then I’ve done a lot of off-road racing all over the world. I don’t even remember how I initially saw that NYCFC was coming because I’d never followed soccer before. A while ago, my husband was taking my daughter on a trip and I said to my son “let’s go somewhere” when he was little and playing soccer, so we decided to go to Yankee Stadium. It was the first year of the ICC friendlies they do in the summer – we saw Real Madrid play with Cristiano Ronaldo. Then I was like, “oh, these guys are really amazing at what they do – this is interesting.” Prior to that, it was just these little dots running back and forth on the TV screen to me. That was how I got into it and started watching soccer with my son and my husband. Then we saw NYCFC was coming and we had a chance to be part of this brand new team that was coming and it just sounded exciting. We got tickets and we’ve been here since! My favorite player is David Villa – not just because of his career or because he’s a superstar but because every game he goes out there he plays with so much heart. He just does not stop. He could easily be cruising along and relaxing already after all he’s achieved in the game – it’s so inspirational for the kids. My son comes along with his friends and it’s great to see somebody who still works so hard at this point in his career when he’s already proved so much.

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Humans of NYCFC: Amy Lerner -
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