TRENDING: Kicks, Socks, and More Kicks

Wow, it's mid-August already. The Blues are in the midst of a Supporters Shield Battle, and European football is getting ready to begin a new season. But as you know, the action online never takes a night off.  


Shout out to sock connoisseur’s Sock Council, for repping the home team this afternoon!

Sneaker Shopping with CR7

Some guy who just signed to Juventus went on a popular Youtube series and bought some new shoes. Everyone loves new shoes, right? 

Wonder Goal in DC

We can’t deny the effort that is this goal and assist down in DC. Hats off to Wazza.

Sit This One Out

Sometimes people need to be sent off in real life. Hit the showers.

Do the Dele

Not to be confused with our very own Taty Castellanos’ celebration, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has the internet going crazy with this wrist-bending celebration. Can you do it? 👌

TRENDING: Kicks, Socks, and More Kicks -
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