New York City Soccer Initiative

New York City Soccer Initiative (NYCSI) is supported by NYCFC, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, adidas, Etihad Airways, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. All five partners pledged to invest to build and maintain 50 mini-soccer pitches in all five boroughs and provide free programming for children focused on promoting healthy eating habits, active living, and mentorship.

Community Programs - SNL

Saturday Night Lights (SNL) is a youth development and violence prevention program that provides year round free soccer programming and mentorship opportunities for youth ages 8-12 and 13-18. Saturday Night Lights is provided in partnership with the Division of Youth and Community Development.

Community Programs - Soccer Bloc

Soccer Bloc influences positive behaviors in underserved communities using the power of soccer. It connects youth from ages 6-14 across the city, where they will make friends and celebrates New York City’s diversity. This program is designed for youth by youth to address a lack of free community programming in parks and playgrounds during the summer months.

Community Programs - Stem Programming

RoboSoccer STEM curriculum introduces coding and digital competency while providing an alternative learning environment focused on soccer-specific activities.

Community Programs - Healthy Hat Trick

In partnership with Goya, NYCFC uses our Healthy Hat-trick curriculum to promote healthy lifestyles. CITC delivers free in-school and after-school programming to 40+ public schools and community-based organizations across New York City, serving 1,800+ youth each week. An independent study reported a $4.50 social return on investment for every $1 invested in the program.

So far kids enrolled in the “Healthy Hat-trick” program have reported the following:

  • 73% of kids think the Healthy Hat-Trick project has made them more physically active
  • 77% of kids think the Healthy Hat-Trick has made them choose healthier food
Community Programs - Young Leaders

NYCFC funds, trains and inspires young leaders (15-24), primarily identified through our Saturday Night Lights Program, to be active in their community through policy, practice and service. Through the Youth leadership Council and our innovative programming model we are training and developing the next generation of community leaders and role models as well as creating pathways into Education and Careers and Entrepreneurship. Young Leaders have served 6,000+ hours in their communities since 2019 through training programs, podcasting and summer soccer clinics.